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I'm Lynda Jackson-Taylor and my husband Andy and I have 6 beautiul children- 3 boys and 3 girls. Andy & I both share a passion for business and we started My Kids Attic Children's Seasonal Consignment Sale in the Spring of 2004.


We started My Kids Attic when we saw a need in our area for moms to have an outlet to purchase and sell good quality, gently used and new clothing and toys for our children while introducing an advanced bar coding system for check out and payment to consignors. We quickly out grew our original location and now host our sale in a 2 story 40,000 sq ft venue. We are so blessed as we have grown and that so many families take advantage of shopping and selling at our unique event. The children sales are held twice a year, each February & September.


In the Spring of 2011, we ventured out again and started My Kids Attic Women/ Junior & Home Decor Consignment Sale. Our consignors had requested this new sale and we didn't disappoint. The women's sale is held annually, each Spring, and has opened the door to our present consignors and a whole new audience, to sell their high-end, gently used women and junior clothing, shoes, handbags, novels, home decor and more. Dressing rooms are available for this unique event. It is the talk of the town and many can't wait each Spring until it comes around again!!


My Kids Attic Children's Seasonal Consignment Sale is a “one stop shop” for everything "children" –clothing, toys, bedding, bedroom furniture and everything in between. My Kids Attic Women/ Junior & Home Decor Consignment Sale is a thrilling shopping experience for mom, herself. We are thrilled that we can offer families this opportunity to sell and to purchase quality items for a fraction of their original retail prices. Shoppers enjoy selection, quantity and quality unmatched by the traditional consignment stores.


My Kids Attic and their consignors always make available much of the unsold items to local charities and families in need. It is truly a win-win for all involved and our community! We are thrilled to have you be a part of My Kids Attic family of sales.  We thank you for your continued patronage.


"Bringing Down the Cost of Growing Up!"


Andy Taylor & Lynda Jackson-Taylor, Owners
My Kids Attic


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My Kids Attic

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